Quality Control

Gunjan Minerals has set up a well equipped laboratory to carry out stringent quality control tests at each stage of production to ensure that only the best possible product is marketed.

Due to porous crystal structure, bentonite, pusses' excellent property of absorption It absorbs not only water but gases also, It expands several times of its weight volumertically. It has very high viscosity and forms gel with water. All this properties are of sodium or swelling grade of Bentonite. The non swelling grade requires some chemical treatments to acquire property of adsorption and is used in the manufacture of bleaching earth.

The company maintains exceptionally high level of product quality control including:

  • Full control on the raw materials right from mining
  • Intermediate quality control at every stage of production
  • Total quality control of the end products before despatch

Gunjan Minerals endavours with strict quality control, full fledged laboratory with modern scientific testing equipments & highly expertised team of dedicated work force has helped in achieving a consistent result in quality & expertise in sticking up & maintaining upto high quality with effective chemical treatments & test with latest methods.

Quality Motto

For Gunjan Minerals Pvt. Ltd., Quality is never an accident; it is result of high intention, sincere efforts, intelligent direction and skillful execution.

Products we Offer

Our team of trained and experienced workers keeps a stringent eye on every stage of production as well as at the time of packaging.