Raw kaolin

Raw kaolin is a natural mineral found in partly decompo-sed granite, an igneous feldsparic rock.Kaolin was first discovered in the mountainous province of Kiangsi, China in A.D. 500. The word "kaolin" derives from the Chinese character 'kao lin' which means high ridge. It was first used by the Chinese to make high quality porcelain.

Chemical Formula: Al2O3.2SiO2.2H2O

Kaolin(china clay) quality varies widely from deposit to deposit - and even within the same deposit.Once mined,the crude Kaolin (china clay) is hauled to a stockpile where the processing journey begins.Our deposits comes under secondary type of deposit under fluvial condition.

We have control over very large high quality Raw Kaolin deposits spread over 40 hectares, having proven reserves of about 8 million tones and probabe deposits of more than 12 million tones.Our all mining operations are in Kutch Dist. of Gujarat.Our main operative mines are located at village Padhar of Kutch District Gujarat.


Our raw materials are selected from the mine and treated to obtain high performance products...

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