Gunjan Minerals aspire to be the best Indian company that happened to the bentonite industry. And we would very much like you to be part of that aspiration. We do things differently here, but with one common goal customer satisfaction.

Our organic growth strategy provides numerous opportunities to our employees to climb the ladder of authority and responsibility.We provide our employees with high degree of autonomy in their day-to-day decisions and to act on ideas.

Our goal is to supply best quality material to our customers. And we Always strive to implement continual improvements in various areas to benefit our customers.

HR Philosophy

The HR system at Gunjan Minerals pays considerable attention to the Remuneraration, Welfare Administration, Working Conditions etc. as these are some of the factors that are necessary for creating the positive work environment. However, motivational factors such as Rewards, Recognition, Training & Development, Empowerment and Growth Opportunities, are essential for the positive development of human resources.

People at Gunjan

Gunjan Minerals strives to find the "Right People" they must be dedicated, enthusiastic, professional, and have a passion for winning that can be carried forward to support international ventures.

Products we Offer

Our team of trained and experienced workers keeps a stringent eye on every stage of production as well as at the time of packaging.

We offer Bentonite, Attapulgite and Raw kaolin using sophisticated and modern techniques and machines.

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