Bentonite clay is fine grained almost impalpable material, very soft and more or less coherent when dry or plastic and retentive of water when wet. It has a strong earthy odor when breathed upon or moistures and consists essentially of hydrous Alumina silicate with various impurities.

Bentonite now generally describes clay consisting essentially of the selective mineral montmorillonite, regardless of its origin occurrence.

Montmorillonite is hydrated upto 550íc above this temperature crystallographic changes begin. Below this temperature the same will retemper. Montmorillonite absorb water in reversible manner.

Chemical formula: { Al Mg Fe }4 {Si Al }8 O20 (OH)4 nH2O

We offer Bentonite:

  • Pigment and colour developer for carbonless copying paper / adsorption of impurities in white water system in paper manufacturing plants.
  • Sulfur refining and decolorizing.
  • Fining of wine juice/beer stabilization/ purifying saccharine juice and syrup.
  • Binding agents for Iron Ore palletizing plant.
  • Supporting suspensions for cut of diaphgram wall construction and shield tunneling, sub soil sealing anti friction agents for pipejacking and shaft sinking additives for soil concreat and mortar.
  • Plasticizing of ceramic compounds , improvement of strength/ fluxing agent.
  • Soil improvement/ animal feed palletizing .
  • Cat litter
  • Thixotropic suspensions for Bore holes scavenging for water drilling, to carry rock cuttings in suspension to the surface.
  • Building agents for special moulding sands. Binding agents for synthetic moulding sands and core sands. Binding agents for anhydrous casting sands for thickening black washes.
  • Water treatment.


Our raw materials are selected from the mine and treated to obtain high performance products...

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